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The Greenness

This time of the year is good for blossoms I know. But it is also the season when green is intense - fresh and bright.

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Benchmarks are datum or reference points, from which other things are measured.

We were in Christchurch, New Zealand in January 2010.

I took this photograph of the benchmark on the stonework of Christchurch Cathedral - now sadly destroyed badly damaged by the earthquake in February 2011. Perhaps this stonework is still there. I doubt, though, if this is benchmark is at the same height above sea level. We were deeply saddened by the events in Christchurch (a city that we enjoyed visiting), and our sympathies go to the people who are still suffering.

I post here too, a photograph of a benchmark here in Oxford.

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Image for Text at Sea

Text at Sea

Sometimes we like to take photos of words displayed on boats and ships. Text in harbours and on ferries and sails.

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Image for Rust


Corrosion is generally thought to be a bad thing, but I notice that some kinds of rust is very photogenic. Looking back over a good few years of digital photos, it seems that I am drawn to taking pictures of rusty things.

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