Web First Workflow System for Publishing

a work in progress

I am slowly working on a project to construct a publishing system that uses a web first interface to provide an editing environment which then leads to XML that can then be exported ready to be imported into a ready prepared InDesign template.

This screencast demonstrates the building of an international recipe book with contributions from various editors.

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More on XML from InDesign

Including exporting to XML and viewing in TextWrangler

In our InDesign document all content needs to be attached to an appropriate style element.

We can use:

  • paragraph styles
  • character styles
  • object styles
  • table styles

We then need tags that will be mapped to those elements. They can (optionally) be the same names as our InDesign styles. They may also come from a DTD uploaded to our InDesign file in the structure pane.

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Structure, Tagging and Export to XML

Phew! That's a lot in one screencast.

With a Shakespeare play in mind we have a DTD that we can import into InDesign. This provides us with the TAGS. If we name our styles with those same tags, we can 'map the syles to the tags' very easlily.

Unfortunately, InDesign does not provide us with the automation to map object styles, so we need to add those in to the structure.

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