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Building a Fixed-Layout ePub3 from InDesign (part 1)

I am using InDesignCC 9.2

We start with a Shakespeare play (Midsummer Night's Dream) set up in InDesign with pages good for print and previously exported as a reflowable ePub3.  

We make use of master page items to split the document into separate HTML documents and use the Articles panel to order the content on export to ePub.

The next part of this screencast will cover editing the insides of the ePub package so that it will conform to the ePub3 Fixed-Layout format.

If you cannot see the screencast here then - Download the screencast

Size of file is: 88 MB

Duration: 00:22:41

1361.08407778 seconds

Further Information

Addendum: To make sure that the header (originally only on the master pages), will appear above the main text, make the header text box very wide so that it is the first item reading left to right. The articles panel will then put things in the correct order reading from top left.

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