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A Midsummer Night’s Dream - 4 Ways

We view 4 different versions of the Play on the iPad

Edit: Please note that Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite is NO longer an option since this has now been replaced by a different product.

Here is a big decision.

You want to turn Shakespeare's Play A Midsummer Night's Dream into a fancy digital product for the iPad (and other tablet devices possibly).

What are the choices?

Let's have a look at some different versions on the iPad.

I provide a table below the screencast with the various options explained.

If you cannot see the screencast here then - Download the screencast

Size of file is: 60 MB

Duration: 00:15:16

915.6 seconds

Further Information

TypeMade withAdvantageDisadvantage
Re-Flowable ePubInDesign with some editing of CSSUser can change font and type size,compatable with more devicesDifficult to arrange objects on page.
Design and layout is not respected.
Multimedia might not stay with text.
Fixed Layout ePubInDesign with some significant editing of CSS and package OPF file.Good control over layout through the CSS. Each page is HTML file.
Multimedia will stay with text.
'Read aloud' feature is possible.
InDesign will not directly create this type of ePub, but can be made to start the process.
Not supported on so many devices.
Multi-touch book for iBooksiBooks Author Author tool free.
Easy to build usable and often compelling artefact.
All assets embedded including fonts. 
No direct relationship to InDesign (if print first).
Only distributable through Apple unless free.
Only viewable in iBooks on iPad or MAC (with Mavericks). 
Adobe FolioAdobe Digital Publishing Suite within InDesignDirect conversion from print ready InDesign.
Design and layout respected.
Can be shared and proofed through Adobe ID.
Needs Creative Cloud subscription for single editions as well as Apple developer licence.
Only Apple iPad unless you have a professional subscription.
Apple may not agree to distribute book APP unless it has significant multimedia and interactivity; they prefer you to deliver a book through the iBookstore.

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