Using Google Fonts

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You may have noticed the new layout.


Yes all done with HTML5 and liberal doses of CSS3. Thanks to PIE, it (more or less) works OK in Internet Explorer.

I have something else to mention; I am using Google Fonts. I have opted for the very nice, 'Cantarell', designed by Dave Crossland.


How does it work then?

It really is very easy, and although I could explain, you can easily explore for yourself over at Google WebFonts and choose something nice for yourself.

I do have a problem though. You will see from the 2 images posted here (click to enlarge), that the font looks good in Safari, but in Internet EXplorer 8 on Windows 7, there is a tendency for some break up. I provide these 2 images as a comparison.

Let me know if you can find a way round this problem, otherwise, I may be resorting to a more friendly solution for IE.

Posted on 08 Feb around 4pm


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