Using CODA to edit ePUBs

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Coda has a terminal window. Here we see validating an ePUB. Success!

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Set the user agent for preview modes.

I have used the MAC editor Coda from Panic for a while as my preferred web site and template editor. I have recently been using it to edit ePUB innards.

Coda normally expects that you are editing a site on a server, or at least transferring onto a server after editing locally, so the configuration for a 'site' may not seem initially appropriate for editing ePUBs. Nevertheless, setting up a local folder is straightforward. In fact, you can set this up to be the root of the complete ePUB, thereby giving you the potential to edit the various XML files (package files and TOC files).


The previewer is pretty too and since it seems to use webkit to render, you are getting close to what the iBooks app on the iPad will show you. You can even set the user agent to be the iPad or iPhone, to help visualise for those devices.

I have a version for the iPad called DietCoda, and it should be possible to preview HTML documents over the wireless. I have not got this to work for local files however.

There are useful plugins including one from Federico Parrella that will make some essential changes to the Typography.

Posted on 12 Oct around 11am


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