Using BBEdit for ePUB

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BBEdit version 10 has the ability to open the contents of an ePUB file. You can edit the individual components of the ePUB - which, of course is actually a ZIPped file, and then re-save.

But does this actually work without issues?


BBEdit from BareBones, is, of course, a MAC only program, and this latest version will only run on Intel MACs. Prior to this release, I have been using TextMate, which I still like a lot, but since BBEdit was advertised as having this new ePUB feature, I felt an urge to go back to it. I had used BBEdit in the past, and, I must say that I had often missed the ability to compare files (not possible with TextMate).

BBEdit and ePUB

Although the ePUB saved within BBEdit does validate, it will not open in Adobe Digital Editions - so, this is a failure currently is being fixed by the BareBones engineers.

In the meantime, OxygenXML does the job properly, so I'll stick with that.

TextWrangler is a free text editor from BareBones which behaves much like BBEdit. It can be used to 'inspect' the contents of an ePUB file, but it is not possible to save the file after editing.

Posted on 23 Aug around 1pm


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