Page or Leaf

What is the difference between a page and a leaf?

I was thinking of the word leaf and how it is not often used in relation to books and metaphors that we use in screen-media.

The page of a book is the surface on which words and pictures are presented. The leaf refers to the actual sheet. A leaf will have two pages - one on each side. We say in the English idiom:

Turn a new leaf

To mean, starting again in a positive way. Of course, this means turning two pages. Screens are only one sided but there are a variety of ebook systems that simulate the turning of a page. I wrote an article about this a while ago, so I make a link to it here.


I will be going to the Online-Information exhibition at Olympia next week where I hope to see the British Library's display of their own.

This time of year we see around here some leaves with incredible colours and I am putting together a page of photos. 

Posted on 21 Nov around 11pm


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