Oh No!  Book Publishing Is At Risk!  Or Maybe Not

You had to know it was coming. Following Kevin Kelly's fascinating New York Times article last month rethinking the concept of the book in the digital age, those in the book publishing world are starting to freak out about how technology is destroying their grand old business.

Sourced at Techdirt


Both the New York Times and Toronto's Globe and Mail are running stories about those in the book business complaining about how the internet is putting their business at risk. The NY Times piece includes some quotes from authors who clearly didn't understand Kelly's piece, as they suggest that it means great works of literature will be forever damaged by being mashed up with bad blogs. Of course, while all those authors fret and worry, perhaps a better place to look is a USA Today article, talking about how the author of the majority of the scripts for the TV show Babylon 5 is making a killing publishing on-demand books of Babylon 5 scripts.

Posted on 06 Jun around 9am