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Back in 1970, I looked a bit like Dylan. It wasn't that I tried. My hair was long, curly and dark, and my modest diet gave me the gaunt look.

Last night, like many others of my generation, I reflected on those 'long hair' days, when I strummed along to 'Girl from the North Country', 'To Ramona' and 'My Back Pages'. The Martin Scorsese documentary - 'No Direction Home' was enthralling but also disappointing.


The primary focus was the shift in Dylan's music from 'folk' to 'rock', and much of the archive footage came from the UK tour when Bob Dylan (many of his friends refered to him as 'Bobbie') split the concerts between himself, guitar and harmonica, and then accompanied by musicians (later to be known as 'The Band'). These second parts were often interrupted by boos and shouts from the audience. "Judas" - a Dylan fan was heard to shout. Dylan's response was to turn to the band and say "Play it f***ing loud".

I enjoyed the nostalgia, but I had hoped to learn more about Ramona, the girl from the north country, Johanna, Sara - and who was Just Like a Woman? and who was the Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands?

Posted on 28 Sep around 8am


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