From iWeb to Weebly

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I spent the afternoon changing my boat iWeb site to this site on Weebly.

I can't promise that the old iWeb will stay for much longer, but I did get all of the data out and then used all of the features of weebly to re-build.


Why did I do this?

Well first, because Apple's iWeb is dead - at least no more updates apparently. But also (and this is more significant), I am looking for a cloud based blogging system that I can get my students to use.

I have got the site to look virtually the same but there are a few things missing. I cannot get images to rotate. This was a nice feature of Apple's iWeb. Actually can now, but not a brilliant replacement. I think I'll stick to images that are straight.

I don't like the way that Weebly always asks if you want to register a domain based on the word you have chosen.

Posted on 09 Jul around 6pm


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