Digg is the new Online Newspaper

According to TechCrunch:

Digg is looking more and more like the newspaper of the web, and is challenging even the New York Times on page views (Digg surpassed rival Slashdot long ago).

Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging and RSS. Rather than editors deciding which news items go on the home page, the users do. How?


Once a story is submitted by a user it is instantly posted in the digg area queue. This is a temporary holding place where stories wait to be promoted to the homepage. To help promote stories to the homepage, simply visit the digg area and digg stories you think are cool. Once a story has received enough diggs, it is instantly promoted. Should the story not receive enough diggs, or is reported, it eventually falls out of the digg area queue. Digg works because a large group of people actively promote good stories to the homepage. Since this site's content is user-driven, it is up to YOU to contribute. - From the Digg FAQs

An interesting thing about Digg is that it really depends on the title (or headline) of the news item. It needs to be clear and communicate a lot in those few words, otherwise it won't be clicked on. Maybe the words need to be a combination of informative but also intriguing.

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Posted on 23 Jun around 7pm