Comic Strips Coming to Cellphones

TechWeb reports that a company called SmashPhone will soon be rolling out ad-supported syndicated comic strips for cellphones.

(Via The Write News.)


SmashPhone will soon roll out Girls & Sports and The Meaning of Lila, with help from Creators Syndicate, a provider of comic strips to newspapers. A new comic strip called Mostly Heads will debut, too. The free service will run on an advertising model, where the ads appear before the comic strip. The Meaning of Lila was created and written by John Forgetta, editorial director at American Greetings. Girls & Sports was created by Justin Borus and Andrew Feinstein, a former Warner Bros. animator. Mostly Heads is a new comic strip created by Darren Jones, a former E! Entertainment Network producer, and SmashPhone co-founder. SmashPhone will charge advertisers 5 cents per frame, said co-founder Robin Rowe. "We're aiming for the top 100 companies to advertise," he said. "The usual ones like General Motors and Procter & Gamble." SmashPhone's site says it requires a mobile phone that has a color screen and supports Java. They also provide information for would-be mobile comic strip publishers.

Posted on 11 May around 4pm