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Hello, I’m hosted with a new ISP

This web is now running from TSOHOST - a cloud hosting service that have very good credentials.

I have spent ages reviewing the hosting companies in the UK and came to the conclusion that this was just right for my needs.

Further thoughts on the transfer of all my sites from a dedicated host back to more affordable shared hosting will appear in a later post since I am still in the process of transferring.

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Image for Using PIE to deliver CSS3

Using PIE to deliver CSS3

CSS3 provides some neat effects, like rounded corners and shadows, but InternetExplorer (before version 9) just ignores these CSS rules.

Is there a way to get Internet Explorer to conform?

Hopefully you are seeing the rounded corners and shadows, even if you are using Internet Explorer, because Jason Johnston has provided a solution and you can find out all about it on his web site: css3pie

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Image for Adventures with the now Famous HTML5

Adventures with the now Famous HTML5

Episode 1: Video on a Web Page with HTML5

I was hoping to be able to report that adding video to a web page with the new <video> tag brought to us by HTML5, would make life a lot easier. Not yet, it ain't!

I have spent a good deal of time trying to resolve a number of issues.

To a certain extent some of the problems, are my own, since I have legacy material in Quicktime .mov format, and I was reluctant to go back and convert. However, a splendid batch process has resolved this for me...

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