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Amongst the Christmas presents was this one: In Search of Shangri-La: The Extraordinary True Story of the Quest for the Lost Horizon by Michael McRae. I loved it to bits.

This is one of those books that sets up a train of ideas which leads to other things.

This book is about the search for a legendary paradise that has eluded explorers in remote Tibet for as long as anyone can remember. In a deep gorge between two high Himalayan mountain peaks, there was said to exist an earthly paradise, a utopia - well anyway at least a waterfall.

Geographers could not account for the fact that the river that flowed from the high Tibetan plains, could not lose so much height unless there existed a very high waterfall. Because certain areas of this deep gorge are virtually innaccesible, then it was presumed that there would be a waterfall somewhere in the innaccesible region. This book tells the story of its discovery and there are deeper mysteries:

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