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Adventures with the now Famous HTML5

Episode 1: Video on a Web Page with HTML5

I was hoping to be able to report that adding video to a web page with the new <video> tag brought to us by HTML5, would make life a lot easier. Not yet, it ain't!

I have spent a good deal of time trying to resolve a number of issues.

To a certain extent some of the problems, are my own, since I have legacy material in Quicktime .mov format, and I was reluctant to go back and convert. However, a splendid batch process has resolved this for me...

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How to install tinyMCE for ExpressionEngine

I have been running the wysiwyg editor; tinyMCE on a couple of sites and have now succesfully installed within a copy of ExpressionEngine 1.3. In fact it doesn't seem any different from my experience with 1.2. It seems like a few people might find it useful to get some advice as to how to set tinyMCE up. One point before we begin though; tinyMCE does not work with Safari on MAC (up to version 2 anyway) and does not work with Opera as far as I can tell. The best browser on any platform is FireFox and it works with this and Mozilla / Netscape. Internet Explorer is also fine although you will need to take care when copying and pasting content from Word. Here, then are the steps to get tinyMCE working:

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