About Bookshelf

I like to visit bookshops. I like the feel of books. I like to read.

I need books, to help me make progress through the every changing world of the web. But, I believe in learning through doing.

I do like the idea of eBooks and I have made some myself. I like the idea of O'Reilly's Safari. But, I like to hold a book and I like to refer to it often.

Books about the technology used in publishing to the web and books about technology used in publishing are what you will find here. I have found all of these books useful, but I apologise in advance for not having the time to write extensive reviews of them.

A note about how this was built:

When looking at the list of books or the individual book pages, you will see pictures and book information that is being taken from Amazon (.co.uk) using an add-on module for ExpressionEngine. Clicking on a small picture will popup a larger version. All of these images come from the Amazon site.

There can be circumstances where the Amazon site is slow and this will effect my site, however, there is some caching happening to smooth these issues out.

The add-on module is based on a plug-in developed here, although no-longer supported.