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Photo set: Benchmark

Benchmarks are datum or reference points, from which other things are measured.

We were in Christchurch, New Zealand in January 2010.

I took this photograph of the benchmark on the stonework of Christchurch Cathedral - now sadly destroyed badly damaged by the earthquake in February 2011. Perhaps this stonework is still there. I doubt, though, if this is benchmark is at the same height above sea level. We were deeply saddened by the events in Christchurch (a city that we enjoyed visiting), and our sympathies go to the people who are still suffering.

I post here too, a photograph of a benchmark here in Oxford.

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Posted on 05 Mar around 11am


Image for Using PIE to deliver CSS3

Using PIE to deliver CSS3

CSS3 provides some neat effects, like rounded corners and shadows, but InternetExplorer (before version 9) just ignores these CSS rules.

Is there a way to get Internet Explorer to conform?

Hopefully you are seeing the rounded corners and shadows, even if you are using Internet Explorer, because Jason Johnston has provided a solution and you can find out all about it on his web site: css3pie

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Photo set: Text at Sea

Sometimes we like to take photos of words displayed on boats and ships. Text in harbours and on ferries and sails.

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Posted on 18 Jan around 10pm


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Photo set: Rust

Corrosion is generally thought to be a bad thing, but I notice that some kinds of rust is very photogenic. Looking back over a good few years of digital photos, it seems that I am drawn to taking pictures of rusty things.

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Posted on 04 Jan around 8pm


Image for iBooks ePUBS now keeps Navigation History

iBooks ePUBS now keeps Navigation History

In this technical note about a recent eBook that I created, I wrote about the need to include a hyperlink (back to the page where you came from), on the target page. It seems that this is no longer necessary with an ePUB inside the iBooks app on the iPad/iPhone.

Why? Because in version 1.2 of iBooks, it seems that a history of the navigation pathway is kept while the eBook is open. This is then utilised to display (at the bottom of the page) a 'back to page x' hyperlink, when the navigation items are showing*.

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Image for Adventures with the now Famous HTML5

Adventures with the now Famous HTML5

Episode 1: Video on a Web Page with HTML5

I was hoping to be able to report that adding video to a web page with the new <video> tag brought to us by HTML5, would make life a lot easier. Not yet, it ain't!

I have spent a good deal of time trying to resolve a number of issues.

To a certain extent some of the problems, are my own, since I have legacy material in Quicktime .mov format, and I was reluctant to go back and convert. However, a splendid batch process has resolved this for me...

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Image for Screencasts are up on iTunes

Screencasts are up on iTunes

Today, I finally managed to get a presence for my screencasts on iTunes. Actually, screencasts have been on my site for a while, but after spending time and research on delivering video with HTML5, I thought it was time to get some experience it that area too.

You can subscribe to the screencasts on iTunes here.

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